Payment terminals of payment and payment systems


In order to start a business to receive payments, you need to complete 3 steps

Purchase payment terminal

By buying terminals from us you will save a lot of your finance

Conclude a contract

Conclude a payment acceptance agreement with the system

Run your terminal

Run your terminal on the installation point. You will get a terminal ready to work, you will only need to connect the terminal to the socket.

Why Choose US

In the world all of payments through terminals, as a promising business, has a significant potential for development. According to experts, the market for receiving payments is saturated by not more than half. Currently, there is still an opportunity to occupy a finance piece.

Minimal investment

A minimum investment in a new business with a payback of 3 to 8 months

High reliability

High reliability of software Yiyunzhi payment application

No expense of time

To in contrast to other businesses does not require a lot of time for run own payment system

Large & Small Business Companies

Your payment system can be used by anyone, individuals, small and large business participants

Coverage area of

We are working with too many countries except China, such as Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and etc. YIYUNZHI TRADING CO. LIMITED is working on payment sphere
since 2011 and in a 7 years have executed many projects in this countries.

Partner on the territory of Russia and CIS countries is the company
"Boriska" LLC, headquartered in Yekaterinburg of Russia.
Contact person Mr. Constantine. +73432193619

In the sphere of rendering services in his activities,
YIYUNZHI TRADING Co. Limited become as the main partner of lakala.com

Just watch how to use Payment system

How to use YiyunzhiPay in the Merchant

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What are the benefits of cloud-based payment systems

A seamless payment experience

One of the biggest advantages of a cloud-based system is that it can give you much more flexibility than your traditional store point of sale (POS) technology.

Integrated systems

Another benefit is the amount of data you can have at your fingertips, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Secure data

Security is of course one of the biggest concerns most people have with cloud-based systems, especially as it’s still relatively new technology.

This whole process for our new HVAC was extremely easy from beginning to end. The program allows you to set your own payment terms so you know exactly what your additional payment per month is. It was especially great having referred approved contractors to select from. That made the process much easier and quicker.

Lang In Lo

Chief of Mobile Operator

If you’re considering credit card processing through Yiyunzhi payment system, you’ll need to know about Yiyunzhi ’s rates and fees, security and fraud protection, contracts, customer service, and reputation through reviews from other customers. We’ve got you covered.

Thomas Doe

Financial specialist

Yiyunzhi Payment Systems is a leading provider of innovative electronic payment solutions. Offering unique and scalable enterprise-class solutions, Yiyunzhi helps organizations of all sizes build, manage and perfect the way they take payments.

Yang Sunpen

Bank Admitter


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